Land Management Advice

KWT Consultancy Service’s land management consultants have decades of experience advising on practical, integrated ecology and land management solutions that maintain and enhance habitats. We advise on protected and restored land of county, national and international significance for wildlife.

Meeting changes in ecology and land management:

Our land managers offer a complete package of advice in collaboration with KWT and partners across Kent and the South East. With Biodiversity Net Gain in addition to global carbon net zero targets and a better understanding of how to approach neutralising the impact of nitrates on the environment, we offer a full package of advice, whole site or farm reports and plans, metric calculations, on site and off site solutions and long term management.

Our approach is a solution for development, landowners and farmers to access the rewards of net gain for biodiversity, locking up carbon and protecting sensitive sites from nitrate leaching whilst providing a wider public good. The outcome of investment in our services will be long term management and protection of land to benefit the biodiversity of Kent and the South East by landowners, farmers, NGOs and statutory partners.

Services we provide:

  • Advice on all aspects of BNG, Carbon Capture and Nutrient Neutrality
  • On site and off site land management plans
  • Advice on all aspects of land management (including support for land purchase)
  • Whole farm plans, understanding biodiversity as a public good and wilding areas
  • Woodland and arboricultural surveys
  • Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)
  • Practical land management work
  • Woodland and arboricultural surveys
  • Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW)
  • Practical land management work

We work closely with Down to Earth, an ARB approved contractor, whose skilled and specialist teams provide a wide range of tree management and consultancy and arboricultural services, backed by unrivalled levels of experience.

Through our partnership with Down to Earth Trees Ltd, we provide a wide range of professional tree survey and consultancy services which can be tailor-made to your specific requirements. We offer fully qualified and insured advice in relation to tree safety, risk assessment, local authority planning recommendations and general tree management or woodland advice, working closely to the latest industry guidelines and arboricultural best practice at all times.


  • Tree Safety Surveys
  • Commercial Tree Risk Assessment Surveys
  • Formal Tree Health and Condition Surveys
  • BS5837:2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction – Recommendations
  • Internal Decay Detection Testing
  • Veteran or Notable Tree Surveys with Experienced Management Advice
  • Woodland and Wildlife Conservation Surveys
  • Legal Advice in Relation to Trees
  • Latest Pest and Disease Research
  • Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Area applications and Local Authority liaison
  • All backed by £10m professional indemnity insurance


The Kent Wildlife Trust / Down to Earth partnership delivers high quality consultancy advice and detailed reports on all tree related matters to an extensive list of private and commercial clients. We work closely with each to create concise tree reports produced in a clear and professional format. Our combined wealth of tree related experience has been providing cost effective solutions for all aspects of tree care and management for over 40 years.


As part of our consultancy services we provide Aerial Tree Inspection (ATI). This is an advanced method of tree assessment and is carried out by our consultants. They are fully qualified to carry out climbing assessments having previously worked as climbing arborists with extensive knowledge on the working dynamics and individual characteristics of each tree species. This ensures clear and concise recommendations are made on the future management of your trees.

This form of inspection is generally undertaken on mature or veteran trees where characteristics which can create a safety issue are more common. An initial ground based visual inspection will be carried out by one of our arborists or consultants. If this inspection highlights a defect such as a large wound, cavity, splits or decay fungi, a more detailed inspection can be carried out by means of an aerial tree inspection.

The recommendations will help to bring trees to an acceptable level of safety whilst fulfilling a client’s ‘duty of care’ or confirm that the area of inspection is sufficient and requires no further work at this stage meaning unnecessary preventative works do not need to be carried out.


Managing the potential risks posed by trees is the legal responsibility of the tree owner or manager of the land on which they grow. All tree owners or those in a responsible position have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure their trees are kept in a reasonably safe condition. Down to Earth Trees provides no-nonsense guidance to the tree owner to ensure moral and legal tree related responsibilities are fulfilled.


Trees can have an adverse effect upon a building’s stability depending upon the type and size of tree, type of sub-soil and distance from the building. These issues are multi-disciplinary, and by combining the expertise of building surveyors as well as arboriculturists we can properly address the likely causes and implement appropriate remediation measures.

In addition to problems of subsidence, the close proximity of trees may cause direct damage to structures due to the incremental growth of roots or stems.


There are many factors that can cause stress to trees: poor soil, nutrient deficiency, drought, pests and diseases. These can manifest as visible symptoms such as small, sparse leaves or dieback. But what if we were able to detect stress levels long before they became visible, thereby allowing us to intervene sooner and remedy the problem before it gets worse?

Down To Earth can carry out tree vitality monitoring and stress detection on any number of trees using state-of-the-art Chlorophyll Fluorescence testing equipment. Testing allows us to compare the gathered data to a strong baseline of thousands of trees of the same species and detect very small deficiencies in vitality. Where appropriate, we can recommend and implement treatment methods to improve and maintain good tree health. Repeat testing can also be used to confirm how effectively a treatment is working.

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